Wediquette Wednesday: Can I have a bachelorette party with only vaccinated friends?


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Question: My bridesmaids are in the planning stages of my bachelorette party. It is scheduled for two months from now and most, but not all of us either already have vaccinations or are scheduled to get vaccinated over the next couple of weeks. But, we have a few friends who for various reasons won’t be fully vaccinated in time or may not get vaccinated at all. I don’t want to exclude anyone, but safety is a priority. We are having the event indoors at a friend’s house and we want to comply with the CDC recommendations of only gathering inside with other vaccinated individuals. Can I have a bachelorette party with only vaccinated friends?

Answer: The short answer is yes. You can of course plan your bachelorette party any way you’d like and invite or not invite the people of your choosing, but that doesn’t account for the hurt feelings of anyone who may be left out. The best you can do is to be sensitive to others feelings, while at the same time sticking to your boundaries. In the save-the-date (which in this case you might want to send out as soon as possible), include information that the party will be held indoors at a private residence and following the CDC guidelines that indoor gatherings include only those in the same household or individuals who are fully vaccinated. (Feel free to include a link to the guidelines so people can do their own research.) Also include a verbiage to the effect of, “While we want to include everyone, it’s of the utmost importance that all attendees are as safe as possible for this celebration. If you are not fully vaccinated or will not be by the date of the event, we request that you R.S.V.P. with regrets. If you have questions, please contact [insert name of bride or coordinator] to discuss.” If you hear from anyone, be kind and non-judgmental in your communication, but again, stay firm with your decision. Alternately, you could hold the event outdoors with distancing and open the guest list up to include vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, but that is of course your decision.


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