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Question: When I was 22, my ex and I rushed into getting married and starting a family. We had an amicable split (especially for being so young) and he is a wonderful father and co-parent. Over the years, we’ve even become friends with one another’s significant others. I’m now in my 30s and getting remarried (he remarried five years ago to a woman who treats our son like her own). Since everyone gets along so well, can I invite my ex and his wife to my wedding?

Answer: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It’s refreshing that, despite being so young when you first married and became parents, you and your ex were able to exhibit so much maturity and put your son first. Normally, I would say leave the ex out of the Big Day, but since you and your ex, as well as your fiancée and your ex’s wife get along and are all friends and harmonious co-parents, it sounds like it would be a lovely way to show the cohesiveness of your family and support for your son on a day of transition. Talk it over with your fiancée first and if he has no qualms, go for it.  If he is in any way hesitant, bag the idea. After all, the focus should be on you, your husband to be, your children and this new family unit. Be sure to offer your ex and his wife a “get out of jail free card,” in case they would feel awkward with your extended family. Finally, discuss everything with your son, so there isn’t any confusion and he feels comfortable and confident.



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