Wediquette Week: Are you required to do the traditional wedding activities at your wedding?


As we wrap up our first question and answer Wediquette Week — when we are asking our most pressing questions to resident wedding etiquette expert and New Orleans Bride Magazine editor Melanie Warner Spencer —  we wanted to focus more on the couple. A wedding is a reflection of the love two people share for each other. It’s a celebration. But weddings have been celebrated across countries and cultures for centuries so certain aspects and some traditions are expected. Since no two people are alike, and personalities and taste differ, we wanted to know, do you have to do the traditional wedding activities like first dance, father daughter dance, bouquet toss, cake, whatever, if you don’t want them?



Melanie says:

I’m reminded of the song, “It’s My Party,” originally made popular by Lesley Gore in 1963 and later covered by Amy Winehouse. It really is your party, so as long as you are considerate of your guests and their needs, you are welcome to omit any of the traditional activities you don’t want to celebrate on your Big Day. Here’s to the only crying at your party however, being tears of joy.



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