Since our Wediquette Wednesday pieces are a popular part of “Let Them Eat Cake” we so we occasionally expand our questions past just one day. This week we are dedicating each day to a popular wedding etiquette question or a submitted reader question and our resident Wediquette expert – and New Orleans Bride magazine editor – Melanie Warner Spencer is sharing the appropriate etiquette.

On Monday, we discussed whether it was ever OK to wear white to a wedding. Yesterday, Melanie offered tips on the right way to plan out a seating chart for a seated reception.

Today, a reader asked, “how many gifts are required for a long engagement with many wedding-related parties?”



Melanie says:

A long engagement can certainly sometimes mean a greater than usual number of showers and other festivities. However, the same rules as those for a shorter engagement and its surrounding parties apply. It’s not mandatory to attend every gathering. Attend when you can, prioritize the larger and more important parties and give either one big gift at say the first shower and then an array of smaller, token gifts at the other events. Since you won’t know how many parties will occur, budget the best that you can given the information in hand. The wedding gift is independent of the shower gifts, so be sure to budget for that as well.