Wediquette Week: How much is too much white in a wedding outfit?

This week is Wediquette Week. Each day this week, we’ll be asking our resident “Wediquette” expert and “Let Them Eat Cake” editor Melanie Spencer a frequently asked question or one from a reader.

Yesterday, we started the week off with a topic that can be tricky to navigate for many – money. Click here to see if there is a minimum amount to spend on a wedding present.

Today, we’re covering a big fashion pet peeve of ours surrounding wedding guests.

Question: How much is too much white in a wedding outfit? Can I wear white shoes/white purse/accessories?

Answer: It’s OK if an outfit has some white in it. What we want to avoid is attire that’s more white than any other color. So, for example, a blue dress with white flowers is fine. But it would be best to avoid a white dress with blue flowers. This guideline is mainly about steering clear of upstaging the couple getting married, since traditionally at least one person often wears a white dress, pantsuit or what have you. When it comes to accessories, I would err on the side of no white (for shoes and purse especially), because if one or more person in the betrothed couple is wearing white, they will likely also use white accessories and, again, it’s best to avoid anything that could smack of upstaging. All of this being said, if the couple instructs guests to wear white (or any specific color), definitely do as they request, because they are clearly going for a look and a vibe and you don’t want to be ‘that guy’.

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