For today’s installment of Wediquette Week — in which we are asking our resident wedding etiquette expert, New Orleans Bride Magazine editor Melanie Warner Spencer our most pressing questions — we are discussing the guest list.  The amount of people you invite to your wedding can depend on many factors. But when making your list, it’s important to ensure you include all the right people. With that in mind, our question is: if someone invited you to their wedding, do you have to invite them to your wedding?


Melanie says:

This one is tricky, because it depends on several factors. First, if you are close to that person, then yes, invite them to the wedding. Second, if their wedding was within a year of yours and you are still regularly in touch, then yes, invite them to the wedding. Third, if their wedding was farther away than the past year (two, three, four, five years ago and beyond) and you really aren’t close and don’t see one another, then no, you do not have to invite them to your wedding.



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