Wediquette Week: Is it ever OK to wear white to a wedding?


All too often, the Let Them Eat Cake team is asked too many wedding etiquette questions to answer in one post. We dedicate one day a week to the subject in Wediquette Wednesday, but this week, we are devoting every day to frequently asked wedding etiquette, or wediquette, questions.

Today, I ask resident wedding etiquette expert – and New Orleans Bride magazine editor – Melanie Warner Spencer a question that has long been debated: Is it ever OK to wear white to a wedding?


Melanie says:

Unless you are the bride (or groom who has chosen white) or the couple has asked you to wear white — either as a member of the wedding party or a guest (think Solange Knowles’ New Orleans nuptials to Alan Ferguson) – then no, it is not OK to wear white to a wedding. The conventional wisdom is that it will appear to be an effort to upstage the bride or couple.



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