This week, Wediquette expert – and New Orleans Bride Magazine editor – Melanie Warner Spencer and I are dedicating each day to a popular etiquette question. We will discuss a range of topics from appropriate attire to bride and groom responsibilities.
Yesterday, we tackled the question of whether or not to bring your wedding gift or belated shower gift to the actual wedding ceremony or reception.

Today, was a question that surfaced during a recent wedding I (Kelly) attended. Black is typically considered an elegant color. It’s classic and slimming, in most cases, and many people wear the color to and associate it with more somber events, such as funerals.

That lead to the question of whether or not it is OK to wear black to a wedding. At least it’s not white, right?


Melanie says:

The true taboo is wearing white (or mostly white) to a wedding. The only caveat to that would be if the couple requests that all guests wear white. When it comes to black, just tread lightly (hardy har har). Black is chic, sophisticated, slimming and well, just easy. All of this makes it a great choice for any occasion, including a wedding, but it can also come off as morbid, since it is a color associated with funerals and mourning. Brighten it up with a colorful jacket or shaw and festive,  colorful jewelry, shoes and other accessories.



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