Wediquette Week: Is there a minimum amount to spend on a wedding present?

Each Wednesday, our resident “wediquette” guru and “Let Them Eat Cake” editor Melanie Spencer shares her knowledge and the answer to reader questions. Sometimes, however, there are too many important questions submitted to the team that one day a week just isn’t enough space.

We decided to bring back a series we’ve done in the past: Wediquette Week. The entire week will feature our most popular or frequently asked wedding etiquette questions and the corresponding answers we’re all looking for when it comes to proper wediquette.

Our first question this week involves money – a topic that can be difficult for many to discuss.

Question: Is there a minimum amount to spend on a wedding present? Does it change at all given socioeconomic factors or relation to the couple?

Answer: The rule of thumb for wedding gifts is to consider your relationship to the couple (if you are close, plan to spend more) and what your budget allows. If your budget allows $100, spend that amount. If your budget allows for $20, spend that amount. At the end of the day, it’s important to not overstretch your finances or go into debt when giving gifts. It’s also permissible to chip in on a gift with other friends and family. When gifting cash, the rule of thumb is to gift no less than $50 and closer to $100 depending on your relationship and your budget.

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