The etiquette of planning, or even attending, a wedding impacts so many elements of the event. Each week, we dedicate one blog to this very subject in our Wediquette Wednesday spotlight.

Since there are only 52 weeks in a year and only 52 opportunities to ask our resident Wediquette expert – and New Orleans Bride editor – Melanie Warner Spencer your wedding questions, we decided to once again expand Wediquette Wednesday into an entire week.

Yesterday we answered whether or not it’s ever appropriate for a guest to wear white to a wedding. (To see Melanie’s response, click here.)

Today, we’re exploring planning a formal, seated reception. Are there any etiquette rules on how to seat everyone around the room? Is there a right way to plan out a seating chart?


Melanie says:

There is no right or wrong way to plan a seating chart. However, it’s important to keep in mind family and friend dynamics, as well as perhaps not seating your single friend at the children’s table, for example, or at a table with only other singles. For most people, the seating chart is the most difficult part of the wedding planning process. Inevitably, you won’t be able to make every single guest happy, but with effort, consideration, consultation with friends and relatives and by allowing yourself enough time to revise, it will be obvious to the majority of the attendees that you did the best you could under the circumstances.