The bride’s wedding dress is a highlight of a wedding. Wondering what the bride will look like once she walks down the aisle is a common thought and topic of discussion among family and guests.

As we officially make it to the end of our second installment of Wediquette Week, a question has been asked that no guest wants to experience.

Imagine you’re enjoying the reception festivities, drink in hand, and someone bumps into you spilling your red wine.

Today’s wedding etiquette question tackles, “What do I do [after the fact] if I spilled red wine on the bride’s wedding dress?”


Melanie says: This is truly a disaster no one wants any part in, but accidents to happen. The best we can do under the circumstances is apologizing and engage in damage control. Get club soda and, or white wine from the bartender (assuming this is during the reception) and begin blotting and dabbing. Try your best to minimize or eliminate the red and to keep a stain from forming. Offer to have it dry cleaned, then follow up the next day to get that process started. If the bride has a sense of humor, you are in luck, if not, you’ve at least done the best you can do.