Wediquette Week: Who can I bring as my plus one?

We’re half way through Wediquette Week and today is all about the guest list. But before we get to our next etiquette hot topic, make sure you catch up on Monday and Tuesday’s questions.

Today’s question actually came from someone close to the “Let Them Eat Cake” team. They recently received a wedding invitation from a college friend and, not having seen most of these friends since college, was worried about navigating an entire wedding solo.

Question: Can I bring a friend as my plus one?

Answer: If you’ve been given a plus one on the invitation, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring a friend. As an invited guest, it’s your prerogative to determine your plus one. This could be a friend, a date, a long-term partner, a sibling, a parent or a spouse. It’s always lovely if the other party knows the couple, but it isn’t necessary. All of that being said, to the best of your knowledge of the couple, avoid bringing the ex of either party getting married or anyone they don’t get along with or have had problems with in the past. This is their day and they’ve curated a list of people they want to share it with, so it’s bad form to bring anyone who might be upsetting in any way. Also remember: It’s never OK to bring a plus one if yours is the only name on the invitation and it doesn’t indicate plus one. This is a hard rule. No exceptions.

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