From the Pulpit to the Pew

Bad Jokes and All

  Bad jokes make good stories. I don’t mean the cringeworthy, the off-color, the we-don’t-call-them-that sort. Bad jokes of that type are just bad jokes. Bad jokes that make good stories are better than that. A few years and one…

From the Pulpit to the Pew

Solemnly processing – and spontaneously parading – through life’s transitions


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Peter Finney III is a passable law student and a frustrated homilist. After a decade as a Catholic priest in New Orleans, Finney is making the transition from pulpit to pew, with all the space between. His mail lady may be a better writer, his father is a better writer, his grandfather was a better writer – but they’re delivering packages, writing in print, or currently deceased. Join him in pursuit of the city he loves and on a journey he least expected. There’s help in the transition.

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