Ingrid Rinck created the largest meal prep company in the country, Sensible Meals, which is designed to help customers escape the endless cycle of restrictive dieting and weight gain.

With Sensible Meals, tens of thousands of customers have managed to reach their ideal weight without sacrificing excitement and flavor in their meals. Each pre-prepared meal is made with fresh, local ingredients and is conveniently portioned and packaged. Rinck believes that by removing frustration and boredom from the traditional dieting experience, more people will find that their goals are both achievable and practical.

The Face of Weightloss for the third time, Rinck has also been honored as a Top Female Achiever by New Orleans Magazine, while Sensible Meals has received numerous awards including Best Meal Prep Company, Top Health Food and Best Weightloss Company. Ingrid has been named Woman of the Year by 3 organizations already this year!

Sensible Meals offers several pickup locations throughout Louisiana and ships anywhere in the country, in addition to offering live support seven days a week, 365 days a year on their website and social media.

EatSensibleMeals.com | Facebook and Instagram: @sensiblemeals @ingridrinck