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After everyone has seen the ring, inquiries of how the question was “popped” quickly follow. Everyone wants to know your proposal story. In this era of creating photo evidence of every move you make, images of the actual proposal moment are becoming the new normal.

We secured the help of proposal planner Stacey Asaro of Project Proposal to dissect the pros and cons of hiring a photographer for your big proposal moment. “I always have a professional photographer with me for my proposals,” said Asaro. “As a planner, I have one shot to create the perfect proposal, so hiring a professional helps me focus on all the details necessary to pull it off.”



Asaro told LTEC that the No. 1 reason to hire a professional photographer is to “complete the proposal story.” After the time spent planning a proposal, the last thing anyone wants to think about is the logistics of the perfect photo. The photographer, Asaro said, helps capture the details of the proposal that the proposer or person being proposed to might miss during the actual moment.



Another added bonus Asaro said is that when a professional photographer is involved, the couple instantly has options for save the date cards or an engagement announcement. “This can save the couple a lot of time and money, as they won’t need to hire a photographer on their own, take time off for a photo session or spend more money on the shoot afterwards,” said Asaro. “With a professional photographer present at the proposal, the photographer can grab some shots of the couple after the ‘yes’ while they camera ready and in a moment of glory.”



Asaro also suggested the obvious pro, having the perfect photo to share with all your friends and family on social media. So many people now spend at least part of each day on social media and, as Asaro said, you’ll now have a photo you’re proud to share with the world.




When it comes to a con of hiring a professional photographer, Asaro said there is only one – and we agree. The only downside to hiring a professional photographer is if the rest of the proposal is not well planned. If a proposal is just thrown together or not planned properly, a photographer could mess up the moment by being in the wrong location or being too obvious. It’s also important to avoid an unprepared future fiancée or fiancé who will not want to share photos of the proposal because instead of being dressed for a swanky day date or romantic evening, she or he is in sweats or a T-shirt.


Tip from the pro:

It’s important when planning on having a photographer to ensure your future bride- or groom- to-be is camera ready. Asaro suggested telling your partner you made reservations at a high-end restaurant in the area of the proposal to help guarantee a look you’ll never want to forget.



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