The COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless changes to day-to-day life, and its impact on the healthcare industry is no different.

As healthcare professionals find new ways to safely treat patients, changes have been implemented in all areas of the industry, from small clinics to large hospital systems. As the community strives to grow its wellness practices, more access to care has always been a priority. Maintaining that access during a pandemic has proven difficult, but as usual, the healthcare industry is rising to the challenge with innovative solutions. Expanding telehealth and creating new hospital initiatives aimed at keeping patients safe are just a few of the ways Louisiana companies are showing their strength and ability to pivot in difficult times. Continue your path to wellness this summer, and take advantage of the health initiatives that are growing and changing with the times.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is devoted to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. Founded in New Orleans in 1934, the company remains committed to those roots with a new office in the Central Business District and a full-service, regional office in Metairie. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has offices in every major Louisiana city to serve its customers.

See the doctor from the comfort of home! Many healthcare providers now offer telehealth online visits. You can do these with a computer, smartphone, tablet or any device with internet and a camera.

Telehealth is a perfect way to stay on top of annual wellness visits and routine care. This is especially important if you’re 60 or older, or if you have long-term conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Ask your healthcare providers about telehealth. Visit for more information.

Tulane Center for Women’s Health

At Tulane Lakeside Hospital in Metairie, the Tulane Center for Women’s Health is at the forefront of care in obstetrics and gynecology thanks to its highly qualified team and forward-thinking practices and safety measures. Individualized care is enriched in its small, intimate environment, and a readily available high-risk obstetrics and neonatology team increase patient access to additional care if needed.

To safely provide care during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tulane Lakeside created a special unit to provide care to mothers and their newborn infants.

“Early testing was implemented to ensure proper care of our mothers in the right setting, especially with the vast majority of our mothers being asymptomatic,” says Cecilia Gambala, MD, MSPH. A support person is also tested to ensure a safe environment for the patient at the time of labor and postpartum during recovery. Patients with the virus benefit from a special team that offers care from admission through discharge. Services such as breast-pumping are provided and encouraged for the health of the mother and child.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gambala or another Tulane OB/GYN physician at the Tulane Center for Women’s Health, call 504-988-8070.