Beyond simply avoiding illness, wellness encompasses so many interconnected facets of health. Getting the most out of life entails keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy. Establishing a consistent  exercise routine maintains physical performance, improves mood and mental health, and prevents health risks down the line. Becoming familiar with local healthcare providers and practitioners ensures swift action when health problems do arise. Receiving regular blood testing provides peace of mind and early detection of illnesses. All this to say, health is one of the most valuable assets in life. Browse this list of wellness resources to maintain your wellbeing and safeguard its future. 

Keeping Fit 

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Ever wanted to train like World Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather? Mayweather Boxing + Fitness allows beginners and advanced athletes alike to do just that. Located in the heart of New Orleans’ Warehouse District, this NEW state-of-the-art facility offers an authentic experience for those wanting to learn from Floyd’s techniques and training regimens, while getting in the best shape of their lives in a group fitness setting. Their hybrid boxing and functional training programs are led by world-class pro trainers. 

 The workouts are designed to use every muscle with a strategic combination of boxing, strength, cardio, and conditioning intervals. With group classes and personal training sessions being offered 7 days a week, studio-goers can always expect a high-calorie burn session that fits with their schedule. 

To register for a FREE CLASS or explore a membership, visit Mayweather Boxing + Fitness at 897 St. Joseph Street, call 504-930-4730, or go to


Health Resources 

The Blood Center

Find out if you’ve had an immune response to COVID-19 with The Blood Center (TBC). This free service informs blood donors if they carry the COVID-19 antibodies produced from previous exposure and/or vaccinations. TBC is performing COVID-19 Antibody screenings to find potential candidates for COVID Convalescent Plasma collections when and if needed for transfusion. 

Receiving the vaccination, choosing not to, or previous exposure to the COVID-19 virus do not affect blood donations or the patients whose lives are touched every day by blood donors. Potential donors are urged to give as the country battles a critical need for blood, provided they are healthy and meet all other eligibility criteria for blood donations. 

Scheduled donations are encouraged to practice social distancing and​ ensure a safe, stable blood supply. Immune response results post three to five days after a completed blood donation. Following the donation, donors need to visit and log in to My Account for their results. To schedule your blood donation and help save lives, visit or call 1-800-86-BLOOD.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is devoted to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. It’s hurricane season — consider your health needs before a storm strikes. Follow these tips as you make storm preparation plans: 

Keep your coverage information handy. If you have to leave home, make sure you take your health plan ID card.   

Make a list of your family’s health information, including any medications you take with dosages and the contact information for your health care providers. Store this on a phone or keep a written copy in a wallet or somewhere else so it will be with you in case of an evacuation. If you need care or a prescription filled while away from home, this will be helpful.

Sign up for telehealth services so you can be treated online when away from home. 

For more tips, visit or call

Westside Orthopaedic Clinic

Serving the West Bank and Greater New Orleans region, Westside Orthopaedic Clinic provides superior general orthopaedic treatment with a specialty in spinal care. Known for its excellent and  personalized care, the clinic has been in operation since 1961, making it one of the longest standing orthopaedic clinics in the city.

Dr. Ralph Katz is a board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon who has been performing minimally invasive procedures for 20 years with consistently excellent outcomes. For the right patient who has failed conservative treatment (e.g. medication, physical therapy, injections), a minimally invasive procedure can be done in an outpatient setting. The procedure typically takes about an hour. Most patients can return to normal activities within three to six weeks. Additionally, Dr. Katz performs cervical and lumbar spinal fusions, utilizing small incisions with minimally invasive systems. He is one of few local surgeons who perform cervical disc replacements.

Westside offers full-service, in-house x-rays, as well as physical therapy services with access to new rehabilitation equipment. Call for an appointment today.  For more information, visit or call 504-347-0243. 


Senior Health

Peristyle Residences

Peristyle Residences offer Residential Assisted Living and Memory Care in the comfort of luxurious, intimate homes complete with private bedrooms and congregate dining and living areas. This alternative approach to senior living is ideal for seniors who seek assistance day-to-today in a more private setting than traditional assisted living communities.

Peristyle’s quaint, lovely residences provide the highest level of wellness, care, comfort, and compassion to seniors, along with convenience and peace of mind for their loved ones. Peristyle Residences caregivers are highly trained in dementia care and have ample experience caring for seniors.

Peristyle Residences consist of ten beautiful homes throughout Greater New Orleans finest neighborhoods. Peristyle Residences is pleased to announce its newest home, The Jefferson, is now accepting priority reservations. Located on Central Avenue near the river in Jefferson Parish, this beautifully appointed home offers 10 spacious private bedrooms. Schedule a tour today at or by calling 504-517-3273.