Of the pandemic’s lasting effects on society, a heightened focus on wellness and a strengthened sense of flexibility stand out as positive outcomes. Gone are the days of dragging oneself to the doctor’s office for each and every ailment, or blocking hours out of your schedule to account for waiting room delays. As Telehealth services have become available under most insurance plans, the treatment of common illnesses and mental health services can take place from the comfort of your home or office. A silver lining of the past couple years, Telehealth makes prioritizing wellness convenient. 

Tulane Doctors

Keeping up with your family’s health and well-being includes understanding all the options you have when common ailments strike. With Tulane Telehealth’s virtual urgent care, getting sick doesn’t have to mean another errand on your list. Connect with a provider from the convenience of your computer or phone, get treatment, including prescriptions where necessary, and get on with your life. It’s high-quality convenient care, in a fraction of the time. 

Common conditions we treat include cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis, allergies, pink eye, urinary tract infection, respiratory infection, sinus problems, ear infection, rashes, medication refills and much more. Account setup takes just minutes and most major insurances are accepted. Download and register now, so you are ready to simply tap ‘Request a Visit’ when you need care. Search Tulane Telehealth on the app store or visit tulanetelehealth.com.