Brewing matcha? Taking Sound Baths? When it comes to wellness, there are so many ‘health’ trends to choose from at the moment, how do you know which ones work and what ‘work’ even means? The options are overwhelming to say the least. We thought it was time to do the research for you and sort truth from fiction.


Juicing delivers all the sugar without any of the healthy fiber and there is no data that it can remove toxins. Verdict: Eat healthy whole foods instead.

CBD Oil, Gummies, Chocolates

Even Harvard health experts agree that cannabidiol is effective in studies at reducing pain, decreasing anxiety and helping with sleep. Verdict: Yes! Just make sure that it does not contain even a small amount of the high-inducing ‘THC’. 

Fascia Rolling

Fascia is your connective tissue that runs throughout your body, holding it together. ‘Rolling out’ the fascia either with small facial rollers or large all-body foam ones, is an effective release of tension. Verdict: Yes! Laissez rouler! 


Keep slurping those emerald lattes, packed with antioxidants. This green giant is proven to protect against serious health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. Verdict: A cup a day!

Intermittent Fasting

Focusing on when you eat not what you eat, intermittent fasting pushes the body into metabolic switching, which burns stored fat. It can also be effective at restricting calorie intake. Verdict: Worth a try.

Sleep Hygiene

Whether you use an Oura ring to monitor your sleep habits or the SleepTown app to coach you into better sleeping patterns, experts agree that 35% of adults need more sleep and even a power nap will help. Verdict: Absolutely, get your ZZs.

Give Up Gluten

If you don’t have an allergy, giving up gluten can result in eating foods higher in fat and sugar while missing out on nutrients and vitamins like iron, folate and fiber. Verdict: This isn’t a shortcut, keep reading the labels.

Sound Healing

Psycho acoustics is the idea of using sound to stimulate responses in the brain, to reduce anxiety or promote happiness. While we all know the power of sound to affect our mood, prescriptive soundscapes are some way off.  Verdict: Just listen to your favorite artist!