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Improving wellness is a growing focus in medicine. Rather than treating the body ailment-by-ailment, improving overall health and wellness takes a more comprehensive approach to achieving a better functioning body and preventing problems down the line. From prioritizing physical fitness and nutrition to neurological care and rehabilitation, there are a number of ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle. In addition to helping one’s self, there are also ways to help others — improving wellness for an older loved one by helping them get the care they need, whether at home or from a residential facility, can be helpful for all members of the family. Looking and feeling better go hand in hand when it comes to wellness. Find ways to improve your overall health today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is devoted to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. Founded in New Orleans in 1934, the company remains committed to those roots with a new office in the Central Business District and a full-service, regional office in Metairie. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has offices in every major Louisiana city to serve its customers.

See the doctor from the comfort of home! Many healthcare providers now offer telehealth online visits. You can do these with a computer, smartphone, tablet or any device with internet and a camera.

Telehealth is a perfect way to stay on top of annual wellness visits and routine care. This is especially important if you’re 60 or older, or if you have long-term conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Ask your healthcare providers about telehealth. Visit for more information.


Chateau Living Center

Chateau Living Center in Kenner offers more than just residential care: they become a family for you or your loved ones in a nurturing, holistic environment. With their rehab-to-home facility, The Atrium, Chateau provides new admissions with skilled, multidisciplinary nursing services including IV administration, cardiac recovery, stroke recovery and more, so patients can quickly return to the comforts of their homes.

For more information, visit or call (504) 464-0604.


Crescent City Retirement Group

Developing an effective retirement strategy requires a complete view of your financial picture, which is why Crescent City Retirement Group works together with tax professionals and network attorneys to help each client create the best plan of action. CCRG’s mission is to offer independent financial management and advice in investment planning, risk management, income planning, retirement planning and estate conservation.

With a main office located in Kenner and satellite offices in Mandeville, St. Charles and Houma, CCRG helps people all across Louisiana increase their wealth, minimize their taxes, protect their assets and most importantly, maintain their independence. Each client receives tailored recommendations and stress-free strategies to help them navigate today’s complex marketplace.

The company has been featured in Forbes magazine, and Independent Advisor Representative Anthony J. Cangemi hosts a radio show every Sunday on 99.5 WRNO called “The Retirement Keys,” which provides the foundation for a successful retirement.

For more information, visit or call (504) 828-2171.


EveryBody Wellness

After pursuing her own journey in weight loss and experiencing remarkable success, Registered Nurse Peggy Rodriguez became passionate about helping others get and stay healthy. Since founding EveryBody Wellness in 2008, Peggy has built lifelong relationships with clients by educating them on how to both lose weight and maintain it.

“Losing weight is intimate and can be an intimidating process. There is no single path that works for everyone, and everyone’s goals are different,” says Peggy.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method at Everybody Wellness is scientifically proven—it is dependable, repeatable, and predictable. Based on the principles of being a low calorie, low carb, low fat, and “right amount of” protein protocol, the program helps clients lose fat pounds while maintaining muscle mass. Everbody Wellness’s team of registered nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and certified weight loss coaches educate clients in the understanding of the impact food has on the body, the mechanism that helps lose fat, and the food combinations that may lead to fat storage.

To learn more and read success stories, visit Mention this article and receive a complimentary consultation and body composition analysis.


Neurocare of Louisiana

As care providers and patients adjust to new and changing protocols, Neurocare of Louisiana continues to offer a full range of Neurocare and Neurocovery services. Whether patients require treatment for neurological conditions, pain management or post neurological injury therapy, their in-house team remains committed to providing state-of-the art care in a secure and comfortable environment. Speech, physical and occupational therapists are also conveniently located on site.

All of Neurocare of Louisiana’s locations have implemented CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of personnel and patients. Any patients unable to travel or meet with caregivers in person can maintain regular checkups through an innovative telemedicine portal, which will continue to be available long-term, and a new app is available to allow access to clinical and medicinal information.

To learn more about Neurocare of Louisiana’s available services or
to schedule your appointment, visit or call (985) 805-2555.


Patio Drugs

Patio Drugs has a full-service retail pharmacy including compounding and medical equipment services, and seniors in our community benefit from the services offered in their long-term care pharmacy. In business since 1958, Patio Drugs has a unique awareness of their customers’ needs and gears their services accordingly, with free prescription delivery being offered in certain areas.

The pharmacy offers unit dose medication and multi-dose drug packaging cards to assist patients with independently adhering with their drug therapies. With their medication synchronization program, they coordinate with patients to have all their prescriptions filled on the same day, eliminating the worry of running out of medication or forgetting to call in refills. Patio Drugs pharmacists offer a comprehensive medication review with patients to discuss any questions about medications, diet and overall health. Their team works collaboratively with your physician to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care and the clearest understanding of your medication therapies.


St. Joseph of Harahan

At St. Joseph of Harahan, residents can find the care they need in a welcoming, beautiful environment on the banks of the Mississippi River. Their short-term rehabilitation wing, The Sanctuary, uses state-of-the-art treatments and therapies so patients can reach their maximum potential and return to the comforts of their everyday lives. St. Joseph goes beyond physical healing by fostering an environment of compassion to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

For more information, visit or call (504) 738-7676.

Our lives have all been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, your health remains a priority and you should not forgo medical appointments. Delaying care often leads to more serious concerns.


The Blood Center

Did you know that every three seconds someone needs blood? A non-profit community service organization, The Blood Center has a long-standing tradition of providing quality blood products to over 30 regional health facilities.

Blood shortages typically occur during the summer season when schools are out and families are taking vacations. Your business or organization could help combat shortages—donating blood is a great team building exercise for organizations both big and small. If you can get 25 or more people sign up to save a life, The Blood Center will help you host a blood drive and send a team to your business, school, civic, or religious center. If you’re a small group, visiting one of their dozen fixed site locations in Southeastern Louisiana or Southern Mississippi is easy and convenient.

Visit to find a blood drive or donor center near you, and consider calling 800-86-BLOOD to organize your own blood drive.


Tulane Doctors

Tulane Doctors clinics quickly implemented telehealth visits — think of it as a video conference between you and your physician. Patients were able to keep important appointments and remain safely at home.

As state restrictions are lifted, in-person physician visits are available to patients at all clinics. Proper safety precautions are important to maintaining patient and staff safety:

· Screening all patients for COVID-19 symptoms
· Limited visitors within the clinic
· Patient safety stations, providing you with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer
· Personal protective equipment for staff
· Social distancing guidelines for patients and staff

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