Keith Twitchell is the executive director for the Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO). In this podcast, Twitchell describes the popular Big Easy Budget Game. As he explains, “The Big Easy Budget Game gives everybody in New Orleans the opportunity to create their own version of the city budget.” Players need only 10-15 minutes to finish the game, and the interactive process of deciding how to spend a multi-million dollar budget is enjoyable and educational at the same time. At the end of the game, CBNO will compile the data into a “Peoples’ Budget” and give this valuable, citizen-generated information to the City Council “as real meaningful, quantifiable input.”  Twitchell also touches on the important Urban Storm Water Plan and The Forward New Orleans Coalition.

Tell the City Council how you want the city budget prioritized! Play the 2017 Big Easy Budget Game at before the game closes.


Listen to the podcast here.