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While the sights and sounds of the scenic Crescent City always find a way to work magic on our mindsets, surrounding yourself with artful objects and uplifting imagery inside your home can set the tone for even more positivity. Ensconce yourself with works of art and pieces of spirited sculptural décor that inspire and awaken the senses.


Wh Martinechaissongallery

Hunt Slonem’s blown-glass bunnies in an array of colors are the epitome of delight. Martine Chaisson Gallery, 727 Camp St., 504-302-7942, MartineChaissonGallery.com

Wh Jonguillame

A whimsical and teachable moment arrives by way of the “Cajun Alphabet letter ‘L’” by Jon Guillaume on photo paper giclée. Jon Guillaume, BigEZArtist.com 

Wh Lylaclayre

Photo by: Madeline Rose

The Doors of New Orleans series provides a happy peek at inviting Crescent City entrances. One-of-a-kind special edition prints by Lyla Clayre. Lyla Clayre, Shop.LylaClayre.com

Wh Claireelizabethgallery

Photo by: Tom Simpson

 A joyful play on shapes comes from George Marks. “Cotton Boxes” is mixed media on panel boxes. Claire Elizabeth Gallery, 131 Decatur St., 504-309-4063, ClaireElizabethGallery.com  

Wh Hazelnut

 A butterfly bedecked mirror merges artistry and reflection. Hazelnut, 5525 Magazine St., 504-891-2424, HazelnutNewOrleans.com

Wh Amandatalley

Relish in the beguiling swirls of “Dancing Light,” acrylic painting on canvas. Studio Amanda Talley, 1382 Magazine St., 504-595-3136, AmandaTalley.com 

Wh Caseylantauart

 “The Sacred Heart” limited edition print portrays visual exaltation. Casey Langteau Art, 4700 Magazine St., 504-500-8164, CaseyLangteauArt.com 

Wh Swadoh

A work of art that functions as a light fixture: Eclaircie, an expansive golden dome with gold leaf that reflects light from a crumpled paper cloud floating below. SWADOH, Swadoh.com

Wh Azumaawake

A breath of reviving air comes via “Awake,” part of the series of A Meditation by Josie Azuma. Josie Azuma, JosieAzuma.com 

Wh Mitchell

Photo by: Cheryl Gerber

Romantics will revel in “View From Royal Orleans,” oil on paper by Mitchell Long. Mitchell Long, Mitchell-Long.com




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