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You get a little thrill every time you discover a decorative accent that will fill a particular nook in your house in just the right way. Perk up your abode with unique, personal accents and décor that aim to delight and intrigue.

Wh Sotre

Pep up your kitchen counters and arrange a beautiful selection of fruit in a handcrafted woven medium desert flower bowl. Sotre, 3933 Magazine St., 304-9475, SotreCollection.com 


Wh Voyage

Check your reflection and envision far off lands with a natural and black raffia mirror, handmade in Morocco. Voyage at Dr. Bob’s Folk Art, 3027 Chartres St., Warehouse F, Voyage-Living.com 


Wh Lemieux

A mixed media ceramic and deer skull art piece dubbed “Brother Blue” by Marcy Lally adds a touch of nature’s bounty to your interiors. LeMieux Galleries, 332 Julia St., 522-5988, LeMieuxGalleries.com 


Wh Modernmarket

The funky geometric brass candle holder is the perfect combination of balance and design. Modern Market, 1200 Annunciation St., 896-2206, ModernMarketLifestyle.com 


Wh Anthro

Give your greenery a whimsical Grecian twist when placed in a handpainted cement planter. Anthropologie, Anthropologie.com 


Wh Ashleyhall Empty

Present your stems in an unexpected way by displaying them vertically in a nuts-and-bolts test tube vase holder with a stone base. Ashley Hall Interiors, 832 Howard Ave., 524-0196, AshleyHallInteriors.com 


Wh Artgumbo

An ode to one of the most beautiful streets in the country, “St. Charles Column” by Whitney M Jeffreys is an artistic nod to the stately homes that line the avenue. Art Gumbo, WhitneyMJeffreys.com


Wh Saintclaude

Incense becomes a lovely visual when delicately held in a flat brass flower holder. Saint Claude Social Club, 1933 Sophie Wight Place, 218-8987, SaintClaudeNola.com  Photo credit: Augusta Sagnelli


Wh Wrens 003

For the dog lover, a laminated patterned fabric window shade with a puppy print design from The Dupuy Design Co. Direct purchase inquiries to Wren’s Tontine Shade & Design, 1533 Prytania St., 525-7409, WrensTontine.com


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