Every wedding has some kind of theme and some weddings even have multiple themes. When it came down to hashing out ours, I learned that it is much more than selecting the reception venue, church and photographer. The theme is an outward expression of your style as a couple and an expression of your gratitude to the people who have been there for you as individuals. This was certainly something to be careful about. 

The first thing I thought about was the size of the wedding. Did I want something small, with just 50-100 of our closest friends and family? That’s not really my style.  I’ve always favored bigger events over smaller, more intimate affairs. So I would definitely have over 200 guests. I started making a list of family and mutual friends of ours to see how long the list would get. Without a list of our parents’ guests, the list easily reached 300. So I guess it’s decided then. Our wedding will have about 300 guests (or more) and we definitely needed to make sure the rest of our theme suits that number of people.

Colors are important to me. I want to select colors that look good around me. As the bride, I’m supposed to look the best that day, right? At least that’s what everyone tells me. I suppose the best way to select colors for my wedding is to decide what my favorite color is. 

I guess I’m like most girls in saying that I love pink and yellow, but when colors are lined up in a row, I always choose light blue. There we have my first color. I have blue eyes and I think blue has always looked good on me, so my bridesmaids will wear blue dresses. I mean, think about it – this color is going to be surrounding me in lots of pictures. Shouldn’t it be the color that I favor the most? So what will the accent color be? 

This is where a lot of confusion comes in. I picked either purple or red to pair with light blue. I like both of those colors, but how am I going to pick one? The best way I found was to look at pictures of color schemes on the Internet. I found a lot of great stuff, including tablescapes, flowers and ceremony aisles.  Then it dawned on me – why not pick BOTH colors?  Who ever said we needed to stick to two colors for our wedding?  So, it’s settled (for now) that our colors will be primarily light blue and deep purple with accents of red in the flowers and in other parts of the reception.  It seems to be a good plan, but I will definitely need to see how it all looks together. 
I have my guest list size and color scheme, so is there anything I’m forgetting? Some brides like to choose a reception theme, such as “old Hollywood” or “modern and classy.” I don’t think we’re the kind of couple that selects something like that. We are fun and colorful. We would rather go to Disney World than Hawaii. I guess that gives me the final aspect to our wedding theme.

We want fun and dramatic wedding elements that show how much fun we have as a couple. This will certainly be demonstrated in our favors – but I can’t tell you what that is just yet! We want guests to enjoy themselves in a way they never could before at a wedding. This is going to take a lot of planning on the part of entertainment, favors and food. It’s going to be a fun process and I’m looking forward to letting you guys know all about it.