With all the excitement in New Orleans centered on this Saturday’s big game at 3:30 p.m. in the Louisiana Superdome, we have some predictions. Some of the staff of Renaissance Publishing have gone out on a limb and made predictions for the Saints versus Cardinals game. We invite you to question our picks and submit yours. What do you think the Saints will do this Saturday afternoon? Post your prediction in the comment section below.
Todd Matherne, our CEO, predicts the Saints will win 34 to 30 with Drew Brees throwing a touchdown pass in the last minute of the game.  He also predicts that our defense will score a touchdown at some point in the game but that we will miss a field goal. It will not matter in the end because we will win and host the NFC Championship on Sunday.
Staci McCarty, our production manager, is very superstitious! So she is predicting the Saints will win in overtime while she is wearing her Saints shirt, drinking a beer and checking the score here and there as she parties. "A win is a win!" she says.
Katie Palazzo, our senior account executive, thinks the Saints will win 30 to 14. She says that with our complete secondary back, the Cardinals will not score more than two touchdowns. She adds, "Drew and our offense will crush their defense."
Erica Northcott Adams, an account executive, says the Saints will win 35 to 21 with two big turnovers from the defense and one special team touchdown from Reggie Bush.

Mallory Lindsly, our editorial intern, is the only naysayer. "The Saints are going to lose," she says. "They’ve lost the past three games." She thinks the score will be 13 to 7, Cardinals.

Eve Kidd Crawford, an editor, declines to predict anything but just hopes it’s not a close game. "My fingernails are just now growing back from the Redskins game," she says. She is also worried about household tension because her husband, a St. Louis native, is pulling for Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner, who led the St. Louis Rams to Super Bowl victory in 2000. 

Sarah Ravits, our associate editor and editor of the Saints programs, is the office optimist, predicting a final score of 54-0, Saints. After a moment of consideration, she adds, "Is that even a possible score?"
What is your prediction? Post it below.