What’s hot in stores may take you on two very different trips into the wild. Whether you’re looking for camping gear for a hike in the piney woods or campy gear for a day in the French Quarter, this fall’s finds make entertaining your wilder side stylish and fun.

Make a Scene
Where the Wild Things Are...Clockwise from left: Oilcloth messenger bag, from Plum; Chanel-inspired dishwashing gloves, from Miss Smarty Pants; green curvy vase, from Sara Hollon Interiors; melamine salad, popcorn and fruit bowls, from Plum; D.I.E.T. cocktail napkins and tortoiseshell cocktail shaker, Hazelnut; leopard print flask, from the Art of Fishing; melamine “Cannibal Animal” plates, from Plum; martini glass, from Hazelnut; jewel ice tray, from Gentry.

Blaze a Trail
Where the Wild Things Are...Clockwise from upper left: Child’s sleeping mat, from Pippen Lane; camping-inspired onesie, from Plum; multicolored thermos, from Gentry; first-aid kit, from Target; “Weekend Waterford” styrofoam cups from Miss Smarty Pants; melamine trays, from Target; fish pens and stainless-steel compass, from the Art of Fishing; cicada paperweight, from Hazelnut; plant-based insect repellent by Repel, from Target; National Audubon Society Field Guides, from Octavia Books; red and pink cross flask, from Plum; red plaid waterproof blanket and hand-powered radio/ flashlight, from Gentry.