Today, we’re continuing our adventure honeymoon series “Wildlife Wonderment” with a trip to China. In this installment, New Orleans Bride Magazine travel editor Becca Hensley delivers info on how to see what is arguably one of the world’s most adorable animals — the panda. With a stay at China’s Temple House, you and your new husband or wife can experience what Hensley calls a “panda extravaganza.”



Panda Power

Pandas might be the cutest animals on Earth. Natives to central China, especially Sichuan Province, they’ve been displaced due to re-forestation, and only approximately 2,000 (or so) have survived the development of urbanity. Chengdu Research Base helps protect China’s national treasure — a fat, fluffy bamboo eater — on 92-acres of natural landscape. Visit Chengdu for your panda extravaganza. Stay at The Temple House, a spectacular design hotel, which blends tradition with modernity, and offers many canny immersion programs, from Tai Chi to calligraphy. Their Panda Tourist Package includes a four-hour trip to the panda base. Spoil yourselves in the bi-level penthouse, where romantic flourishes (think carpets of rose petals) await. Don’t miss the city’s famous spicy cuisine.


Wildlife Wonderment, Part 4: Panda Power Wildlife Wonderment, Part 4: Panda Power



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