Wildlife Wonderment, Part 6: Yellowstone Yearnings


Our "Wildlife Wonderment" series has us making virtual visits all around the world – from China to the Amazon. But, that doesn't mean you can't have a wild adventure right here in the U.S. Included in New Orleans Bride Magazine travel editor Becca Hensley's list of exotic honeymoon destinations is a trip to Yellowstone National Park. One of the more famous nature attractions in the country, Yellowstone has much to offer an adventurous couple. Read "Yellowstone Yearnings" below and stay tuned for our final "Wildlife Wonderment" installment before the end of the year. 



Yellowstone Yearnings

Close to home, the world’s first national park awaits. Yellowstone National Park, bestrides immense portions of three states: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. With five entrances, the expanse holds volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, mudspots, mountains, forests — and a plethora of wildlife. Home to bison herds, bears, bighorn sheep, elk and the elusive gray wolf, Yellowstone’s wide open vistas fulfill a shutterbug’s dream. Enjoy a daytime guided tour which leads you to park highlights, including a place where a rainbow appears for just a few minutes each day. Stay at historic Old Faithful Inn, composed from local logs and stone. It overlooks the famous geyser. yellowstonenationalparklodges.com


Wildlife Wonderment, Part 6: Yellowstone Yearnings Wildlife Wonderment, Part 6: Yellowstone Yearnings


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