I can't believe it has already been a year since the royal wedding! It seems like yesterday we were all anticipating the reveal of what Kate would wear. According to the wedding's website, over 350,000 visitors stopped in to view her gown within the first six weeks of it being on display in Buckingham Palace! The New York Times estimated that 3 billion viewers tuned in around the globe and now we can reflect back and see what trends began with that walk down the aisle!


One of the top trends that we have seen since the royal wedding is sleeves!!!! We have not seen too many of our brides opting for the full-length sleeve like Kate's , but many variations from cap to 3/4 length. A great option is to wear a lace jacket or bolero that can be removed to change up the bride's look.

Traditional Silhouettes:

More traditional gowns have been making a comeback! For so long the majority of brides coming into the boutique were asking for fitted gowns, such as trumpet and mermaid silhouettes, but now we are seeing requests for A-lines and ball gowns.

Ivory/White Bridal Attendants:

Kate Middleton did it. Kim Kardashian did it. And now Bustles & Bows Bridal Parties is doing it! We have done several white/ivory bridal parties in the past year compared to none in the years prior, all rocking the white/ivory color palette.

Knock-offs Galore!

The Duchess of Cambridge has inspired every designer in one way or another, but who can forget the "Pippa?" Kate's sister's gown evoked as much press as the bride's. Both gowns have been knocked off by several designers.


In place of the modern look of a birdcage veil, flowers, headbands, or in some cases no adornment at all, we are now seeing the renaissance of the traditional tiaras and veils.

The popularity of tiaras was falling until Kate wore the heirloom tiara. Kate inspired brides everywhere to embrace their inner princess.

Regardless of where you get your inspiration, remember to stay true to you!

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