New Orleans provided a window to the world last August, and what the world saw was not a pretty sight. Away from the television cameras, other windows provided different perspectives. To the trapped peering from the back of their house at the suddenly rising water, there can be no more beautiful sight than a arriving rescue worker, such as this Louisiana National Guardsman. The smile in the inset picture suggests that the most comforting of all wearing apparel is the life jacket. Each of the three people in this photograph will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. May their experiences be a window to seeing the best of humanity.

Eyeing the Storm
WINDOWSA satellite image taken as Katrina hits New Orleans; stranded tourists watch the early morning storm’s effects on Canal Street;

WINDOWSResidents of the lower Ninth Ward escaping flood waters; blown out windows of the Hyatt Regency.

WINDOWSWINDOWSNational Guard rooftop rescue; family wading through floodwaters;

looters on Canal Street; National Guard dispersing food and water at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
WINDOWSElderly being airlifted from the Superdome.

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