Winter Wedding Flora

With cooler weather approaching, one can only dream of winter wonderlands and the weddings that go along with them. Last year, we sought out the advice of Poppy & Mint Floral Company owner and and floral designer Destiny Pinson. Pinson gave LTEC the scoop on the floral game – which flowers were most requested, which were her favorites and so on. Most importantly, Pinson told us the absolute best florals to grace a winter white wedding. The three top choices for the season are amaryllis, privet berries and helleborus. Those not up on their horticultural knowledge may wonder what exactly these flowers may be or how they may look. Will they really match your winter wedding? We believe they will indeed!


The first is amaryllis. The amaryllis, with its gorgeous, rich color, adds right into the holiday spirit that surrounds the winter season.

Winter Wedding Flora Winter Wedding Flora

Privet berries give any bouquet an outdoorsy touch. Is your Big Day in a rustic barn or a quaint countryside spot? Your bouquet lined with privet berries will fit right in with the overall feel of a rustic winter celebration.

Winter Wedding Flora Winter Wedding Flora

Helleborus come in many different colors. Rich purples or sweet, light whites can all be found in the dainty helleborus family. These floras are simple and elegant.

Winter Wedding Flora Winter Wedding Flora


Other additions that create a winter bridal bouquet include seeded eucalyptus (which goes along with the outdoor, earthy touches), lisianthus, spray roses and anemone – all of which add a quaint look to any dreamy Big Day. 

Winter Wedding Flora Winter Wedding Flora
Anemone (L) and lisianthus



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