Nearly two years ago, “Let Them Eat Cake” reported on a concept new to New Orleans, and beyond, for those wanting help to plan their picture-perfect proposals. Owner Stacey Asaro has made it her mission to ensure couples have their dream proposal story. From locations to lights hanging from the trees, Asaro meticulously plans out each part of the proposal, keeping proposer cool, calm and collected…well, as much as they can be. 

“Nothing in the world has fulfilled me as much as Project Proposal does,” says Asaro. “Even though it requires a lot of dedication.” That dedication has brought Asaro and Project Proposal to a new level. Asaro now gives clients the option to choose a pre-made package. These packages pack all of the same customizable punch, with the foundation of a foolproof base. 

Over the course of Project Proposal’s two-year history, Asaro has helped nearly 100 couples share in a romantic moment and story they will be proud to share with their loved ones, present and future. We thought we would check back in with Asaro and see what’s new and what she has coming up for Project Proposal. 


With this Ring

Let Them Eat Cake: How has life and the company changed since beginning two years ago?

Stacey Asaro: Life and the company have both changed dramatically in two years but for the better. I am amazed that so many people know the company. After the ‘yes,’ I pop out and introduce myself to the new bride and I’ve gotten a lot of ‘Oh my gosh! You’re with Project Proposal!’ Before long…I’m going to need to invest in a full camouflage suit!  

Also in the two years of business, I’ve been able to attract more clients from more regions across the U.S. who are looking to pop the question in the Big Easy. Right off the bat, my clients know they are in good hands so they feel at ease planning this type of event from another state. 

Project Proposal really does bring so much joy to people. Which, in turn, brings joy to me. Nothing in the world has fulfilled me as much as Project Proposal does even though it requires a lot of dedication.

Not many people know the hard work and extreme detail that goes into creating a dream proposal…it’s a lot. My clients push me to be creative and to go above and beyond to achieve their vision. There’s nothing glamorous about this business. On any given day you’ll find me in a tree hanging décor-making sure I get the perfect angle, spray painting until I get the exact color desired…the list could go on and on!


LTEC: What made you decide to offer packages? 

Asaro: I offer packages that provide every single detail imaginable. It helps my clients narrow down their decision so they don’t become overwhelmed. We just added a few special packages to our list: Gardens Proposal (location at Lougne Vue House and Gardens), Gondola Proposal and more. All packages can be tailored to the couple’s style and the client’s budget. We can even start from scratch and design a custom package where the client chooses the specific location, décor details and any additional activities.


LTEC: What is your favorite part of the job?

Asaro: The creative process is my favorite part of the job. It’s the one thing that can’t be replicated – it’s completely sacred and unique to Project Proposal. When I start getting to know the clients, they might say one thing about their relationship and it will spark an entire creation. This is the process that goes into every proposal. I’ve never had the same proposal twice. Some clients might want a themed proposal that’s been done before, but I try to find a way to make it completely different. 


With this Ring


LTEC: What has been your favorite proposal or couple story?

Asaro: My favorite proposal is probably Christine and Misty’s Vintage Music themed proposal. Their story and love was unforgettable. They met 12 years ago through a Musicans Wanted Ad and have been together ever since. Christine contacted me because she needed help proposing in New Orleans, as she was living in Ohio. She knew she wanted to include 12 bouquets with a total of 153 roses – a rose for every month together – but that’s it. After learning more and more about the couple, Christine and I came up with a Vintage Music theme, which included an antique phonograph cued to the couples favorite song, vintage microphone and metronome along with a case of records. Not only was the setup a scene from a movie, but also their romance was something I’ve never seen before!


LTEC: Any new ventures on the horizon?

Asaro: My next project? Well, there are a few things in the works. The biggest bit of news is the start of a reality TV show, which is currently being negotiated.


Additionally, Asaro shared with LTEC that she has been asked by three of her couples to plan their entire wedding. Maybe a new subset to the company? Do we hear a Project Wedding in near future? We’ll have to wait and see. 


Project Proposal,