With This Ring: Barnett – Freiberg

India Devi Barnett was enjoying a girls’ day at the Bulldog on Magazine Street when she heard a voice scream “Indiiiaaaaa” (à la “Stelllaaaaa” in Streetcar Named Desire). The voice belonged to William Hunter Freiberg, who had gotten her number just a few minutes before. A few hours later, he texted and asked her to dinner. The two went to Booty’s Street Food in the Bywater and talked for hours. After that date, India called her mother and said, “I met the man I’m going to marry.” From there, the whirlwind romance began.

After two weeks together, the couple said “I love you”; after four weeks they moved in together; after three months Hunter pulled India’s mother aside at Christmas to tell her he intended to marry India; after five months they took a trip to Bali. One morning in Bali, India work up to Hunter telling her that she had to get up right away and put on something white. He was in a white Balinese outfit. She walked outside with him, and the front yard looking out onto the ocean was covered in flowers. Hunter looked at India and said, “I want to marry you today, just me and you, making this commitment to one another. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. One day we will do the big American wedding but today, this is for us.” Then and there, they got married the traditional Balinese way.

The first step toward the big American wedding happened on another trip, this time to Costa Rica. Hunter booked a zip lining tour, which India was not too excited about because she’s a bit afraid of heights. On a particularly scary course, Hunter offered to go first so that he could get a good picture of India flying through the air. He went ahead, and a while later India stepped off the platform. She could see Hunter on the next platform waiting for her, but she was so terrified that she didn’t even realize he was down on one knee! He proposed as soon as her feet hit the platform.

When they began planning the wedding, they knew that they wanted their families to play a big role. Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, Hunter’s parents hosted a family-only cocktail party at their home catered by Martin Wine Cellar. India knew that she wanted to marry and have her reception at the same place her mother’s reception was held: her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother’s backyard was decked out in soft pink, cream and white, with chandeliers and lights dripping from the large oak tree and the pool area transformed into a modern lounge with pink lighting. As luck would have it, even the house was pink!

On October 6, 2018, after the couple said “I do” with their toy poodle at their side, guests enjoyed a reception full of food and fun. Marie’s Fleur De Lis Catering created a menu that included herb crusted lamb chops, tuna wontons, crab cakes, mac and cheese and more. One of the main attractions was a six-foot-high wall of Krispy Kreme donuts, which guests munched on while enjoying cigars given to them by the cigar girls walking around the reception. Late night partygoers were treated to gourmet grilled cheese triangles.

For their honeymoon, India and Hunter returned to Bali, where they first promised to love one another forever. They live in Birmingham, where they own and operate a Smoothie King franchise. 

Lee Parker, Cherri Barnett, Chloe Barnett, Stone Barnett, Holly Barnett, India  Barnett, Hunter Freiberg, Ann Barnett, Ken Hall Barnett, Kerry Parker, Paul Parker, Sterling Cato, Ben Parker
Billy Freiberg, Hunter Freiberg, Marybeth Guarisco, India Barnett, Kendall Meehl
Sarah Freiberg, Billy Freiberg, India Barnett, Hunter Freiberg, Lulu Freiberg, Baker Freiberg, Lauren Freiberg

Reception Décor: Soho Chic
Officiant: MaryBeth Guarisco
Coordinator: Dale Shaw and Nan Dupuy
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Yvonne LaFleur
Engagement Ring: Spinelli Kilcollin
Bride’s Wedding Band: Bergdorf Goodman
Florist: Dale Shaw
Invitation: Stationary Stylist
Caterer: Marie’s Fleur De Lis Catering
Photographer: Sophie Berard
Hair & Makeup: Preaux Face
Music: BRW Band