Brandy Christian leads nearly 500 employees and four lines of business—cargo, rail, industrial real estate and cruise—as President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) and CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB). Christian strategically guides Port NOLA to ensure that Louisiana’s only international container port remains an economic engine while strengthening Louisiana’s position in the Gulf gateway. 

In addition to a $112 million investment in current assets at the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal, including new container gantry cranes, Christian continues to plan for the future with the development of the Louisiana International Terminal – a new $1.5 billion container terminal to serve vessels of all sizes. With these investments, Louisianans will benefit from new related industry and business, the creation of family-supporting jobs, and a strengthened infrastructure for generations to come.  

In addition to her impressive work as President and CEO, Christian currently serves on the Green Marine Board of Directors, Railroad-Shipper Transportation Advisory Council, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Trade and Transportation Advisory Council, Louisiana Board of International Commerce, and the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.

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