Discovering the value and developing a knack for finance at a young age, Jeanette Weiland built her career fueled by an overarching passion to share this knowledge and see people succeed. Following years of success working in the financial and healthcare finance industries, Jeanette took the leap to economic development seizing the opportunity to dovetail her skillset in investment advising, small business ownership, and working with numbers. 

The only economic development organization building just the New Orleans economy, the New Orleans Business Alliance has been internationally recognized for its distinct approach focusing on closing the health and wealth disparities within the city. As Senior Vice President of Bio, Innovation & Special Projects, Jeanette develops and promotes the city’s bio industry and searches for developers and businesses to move to underdeveloped neighborhoods. 

 “We work for the community, first and foremost,” says Jeanette. “We serve the people that make New Orleans what it is.”

 With a passion for her work stretching beyond inclusive economic development, Jeanette doubles as a children’s author. Aiming to foster a sense of pride among Louisiana’s children, her two books, Beignets for Breakfast and Red Beans & Rice, lend a nod to the natural beauty and culture of the place they call home.

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