Ditching a dance competition to shop in New York City, 15-year-old Victoria Giglio walked into a Saks Fifth Avenue for the first time. As she purchased her first high-fashion accessory, an indigo blue denim Dolce & Gabbana jacket, Victoria’s lifelong love of fashion was ignited. Years down the road and still fueled by this passion, Victoria opened Houma’s first boutique in 2005: Victoria’s Indigo Boutique. 

17 years later with another successful location on Metairie Road, Indigo Boutique is a beloved local business known for cutting-edge fashion shows and personalized styling experiences for each and every guest. Invited to style American Idol contestants, high-profile celebrities, and influencers, Victoria’s talents are nationally recognized, and she channels them into styling clients of every body type for every occasion. Not one to stay idle, Victoria published Houma’s first fashion magazine and most recently, launched Indigo Interior Designs. With a signature look utilizing colorful, large-scale prints coupled with classic, modern furniture, the design studio crafts fresh, elegant and highly livable spaces for clients’ unique tastes and lifestyles. A passion for style in all its forms, Victoria can not only design and decorate your perfect closet, but she’ll fill it with stunning clothes as well. 

605 Metairie Road, Suite C, Metairie | 1795 Martin Luther King Blvd, Suite B, Houma | 504.635.7874 | shopindigoboutique.com