Skin Check Before Cosmetic Surgery

With all the stress of careers, families and everything in between, it can be all too easy to overlook the most important factor of a healthy, happy life: your own well being. May is Women’s Health Month, and for all the movers and shakers of our community who could benefit from a little “me time,” there’s no greater opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate. Our Women’s Health resources are perfect for any women looking to reward their hard work this summer, or for anyone wanting to show their appreciation for the women in their lives.


A specialist in facial aesthetics, Dr. Sean Weiss is one of a select few surgeons in the world who are double board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. Considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the New Orleans area, he performs cosmetic surgical procedures on men and women seeking enhancement of the face, head, and neck. Dr. Weiss also performs non-surgical procedures including injectable fillers and wrinkle reduction.

Board Certified and Fellowship trained, Dr. Weiss is known for excellence in facelift, facial rejuvenation, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, hair restoration, and other procedures, providing comprehensive care for your aesthetic needs.

Dr. Sean Weiss – Facial Plastic Surgery is located in Metairie just minutes from downtown New Orleans. Learn more at or call 504-814-3223 to schedule your consultation.