The CDC observes both National Women’s Health Week and National Women’s Check-Up Day in May, highlighting the importance of women’s wellbeing in the nation’s overall health landscape. This month, we encourage women to prioritize their health and explore their local healthcare resources.


Tulane Doctors

The expert team at the Tulane Center for Women’s Health provides comprehensive care for the challenges faced in every phase of a woman’s life. Specializing in the areas of general obstetrics and gynecology, maternal fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology and fertility, minimally invasive surgery, female pelvic and reconstructive surgery and gynecologic oncology, our Tulane Doctors operate on the belief that every woman not only has the right to good obstetric and gynecologic care, but that she is a partner in her care.

Tulane gynecologists offer the latest treatments and therapies for a wide range of services including pelvic pain and infections, family planning, incontinence, menopause treatment and more. They are skilled at employing minimally invasive surgery techniques and the use of robotic surgery. Tulane obstetricians provide care for women throughout their pregnancies, from fertility care, comprehensive prenatal evaluation and testing, to birthing plans and beyond.

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Wellness is an integral component in living a fulfilling life, and while leading a healthy lifestyle contributes greatly to overall health, declining hormone levels as we age pose a unique threat. Women over 40 are particularly at risk for experiencing symptoms such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, low libido, and mood swings due to declines in biochemical compositions. BioJust is dedicated to restoring vibrancy and maximizing quality of life in its patients using hormone restorative therapy and wellness management.

Unlike other treatments in New Orleans, BioJust is cutting edge in its use of precision medicine to understand every patient’s unique needs – from comprehensive, full-panel blood tests to detailed biometric analysis scans. Tailoring treatment plans to every individual’s chemical and biomechanical makeup, BioJust provides safe, natural hormone and testosterone therapies, sexual health management, thyroid condition management, and much more.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is committed to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. May is Mental Health Month, and Blue Cross encourages you to #CheckIn at every checkup. Mental health affects overall well-being, and it’s a common concern among people struggling with serious health issues. It’s important to let your health care provider know how you’re feeling and if you’re experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. Ask for help if you need it – your provider can give you recommendations about what is best for your personal situation.

And now, you can get care from anywhere! Blue Cross members can have online appointments with network behavioral health providers or through the BlueCare telehealth platform:

Check out the STRONGER THAN EVER playlist, part of the Blue Cross YouTube channel, for short videos with tips on managing stress and staying on top of other health concerns.

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