Women today play many roles. In celebration of all things women do and teach their children, we are featuring three local artists and a local gallerist doing what they do best — spotlighting their art and raising the next generation, all while making a fashionable statement in this season’s most coveted pieces. Shot at the newly renovated and beyond chic Columns Hotel.

Works of Art
Dress by Halpern, net-a-porter.com

Amy Neill 


What draws you to create art? I’m drawn to improving the beauty of my surroundings through art and decoration. It’s kind of an itch I need to scratch. I mostly create for myself and have only recently in the last couple years begun sharing my art with others. The reception is encouraging and motivating and pushes me forward. 

Is painting your only medium? I love painting, but I also love drawing. I do a lot of blind contour line drawings and charcoal portraits. I also love digital media and using the iPad to create art or sketches before I break out the paints.

Who are your favorite artists? Cy Twombly, Georgia O’Keefe and Inslee Fariss to name a few.

Do you support any local artistic charities you could point our readers to? We’ve been supporters of Prospect for years. I was introduced to it back in college and find the installations incredible. We are also supporters of the Lousinana Childrens Museum, which is an inspiring space for young thinkers.

Works of Art
Amy Neill in a Lavender floral dress by Alexis, shopalexis.com Shoes Aquazzura at Joseph Stores, josephstores.com, Ivy and Olive Neill in Tutu Du Monde dresses from Peony Nola, peonynola.com


Works of Art
Coral feather dress by 16ARLINGTON, 16arlington.co.uk; Shoes, vintage Celine

Kate Grace

ARTIST, Creative, Co-Founder of The Blue Room

What draws you to create art? Literally everything. I am continually inspired. I am most inspired to create from an inherent need to express myself with color, texture, positive messaging and beauty. Ultimately, I just need to work with my hands.

Any formal artistic training? My art teacher at Sacred Heart (Giuliano Ieronimo) was a huge mentor to me and continuously made the art room a safe space.

Who is your favorite artist? Wow. Tough question. I love Mickalene Thomas. I also love Yayoi Kusama, Jenny Saville and Vincent van Gogh.

Do you support any local artistic charities you could point our readers to? I love YAYA (Young Artists, Young Aspirations) and I donate works to “Home For The Holidays” benefiting NOCCA and the Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists.

Any tips for managing it all? I think it is important that everyone know that Colette had an absolute melt-down 2 minutes into taking these photos. The images are stunning and magical and whimsical, but I want people to know that the reality of life is that things are often really icky, fierce and tough before they are bright, happy and cheerful. I always want to remain authentic both to myself and to my friends, so expressing our feelings can ultimately be the gateway to positively magnificent art!

Works of Art
Blue halter dress by Greta Constantine, SOSUSU Boutique, sosusuboutique.com, On Colette Rouchell, tulle and sequin dress by Petite Hailey, Peony Nola, peonynola.com

Works of Art
Green jersey dress by Proenza Schouler, Pilot and Powell, pilotandpowell.com

Martine Chaisson Linares 

Owner and Artistic Director of Martine Chaisson Gallery 

What drew you to the art world? The opportunity to meet and work with artists and to curate exhibitions that are engaging and  meaningful. 

Any formal artistic training? Art History undergrad and a Masters in Arts Administration. 

Is your daughter interested in art? Yes! But she wants to be a fashion designer so she is constantly sketching formal wear. 

Who are your favorite artists? John Currin, Egon Schiele and Ray Caesar.

You work with artists of many mediums. Can you name some mediums you feel drawn to? Photography, specifically portraiture.

Do you support any local artistic charities you could point our readers to? I’m on the board of Kid smART!

Works of Art
Strapless linen organza gown by Zimmermann, Saks Fifth Avenue, saksfifthavenue.com; Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue, saksfifthavenue.com; Loralei Linares in a tulle dress by Tutu du Monde and sequin butterfly wings, Peony Nola, peonynola.com


Works of Art
Blue dress by Roksanda, mytheresa.com; Shoes, vintage Prada

Marylyn Rigby

Sr. Vice President, Investor Relations & Marketing, Revolo Biotheraputics

Any formal artistic training?  Nope. Nada. Completely self taught.

Is your daughter interested in art? Yes! She and her brother Rex are extremely creative! 

Who are your favorite artists? Michelangelo, Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman.

How is art important in society? If education is the brain of society, then art is the soul. It gives all societies a distinguishable personality and voice.

How important is it to you to find a space in your day to be creative? The most important! It is necessary for me to be the best version of myself.

Works of Art
Green dress by Aknvas, intermixonline.com; Shoes by Aquazzura, Saks Fifth Avenue, saksfifthavenue.com; Juliette Rigby in a white Tutu du Monde, Peony Nola. peonynola.com