In the treasure trove of famous quotes attributed to Dolly Parton, one feels distinctly apropos during Carnival season. No, not the one about rhinestones or costing a lot to look cheap, but the lesser touted, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” 

Why that one? Put simply, because Mardi Gras is nothing short of a city-wide manifestation of who we are. Very much on purpose. Every one of us gets to explore what brings us joy and then showcase it for the whole world to see. Carnival time allows for complete exploration of both self and city, in silly and serious ways. Some express it through costume or dancing and singing. Some craft or host parade parties. But, one thing is for sure, from the float designers to the krewe captains, being who we are on purpose is what makes this city the special place that it is.  

We don’t often associate Dolly Parton with Mardi Gras, but why not? In her daily life she embodies the very Trinity of Carnival worship; sequins, wigs and music! One such krewe took notice of these parallels and decided to take it a step further, founding the Krewe of Dolly. The 3-year-old walking krewe exists to showcase all of what Dolly is. In addition to paying homage to Dolly’s fashion sense, attention is paid to Childhood Literacy, a cause near and dear to Dolly’s heart. Through member dues, book drives and an annual fundraiser, on Dolly’s birthday, the Krewe of Dolly promotes childhood literacy. One founding member cites, “Our goal is to support several literacy organizations in the New Orleans area and to get Dolly’s Imagination Library started in New Orleans in the next year.” They take this mission seriously even offering a 50% membership discount for educators and students. They also craft signature bookmark throws to hand out on the route (along with pink guitar picks). Look for them in King Arthur on Feb. 12 and Bosom Buddies on Feb. 17!  

You may not agree with all of Dolly’s fashion choices, but you can dip your toe in the water with these loosely inspired outfits!    

WWDW: What Would Dolly Parton Wear?

Denim Jacket, Saks Fifth Avenue
Red Dot Vintage Dress, So Susu
Blush in Minette, Vibrant Market
Snake Ring, Porter Lyons 

WWDW: What Would Dolly Parton Wear?

Fuchsia Jacket, UAL
Dress, Joseph
Pink Pom Hat, Century Girl
Eye Shadow, Blue Mercury 

WWDW: What Would Dolly Parton Wear?

Houndstooth Jacket, So Susu
Swooner Jeans, Jean Therapy
Cherry Earrings, Wolf and Badger
Vanilla Pumps, Monomin 

Have you heard… 

It’s a great time of year for discount prices at the Dermatologist’s office! Audubon Dermatology is offering free Revision BodiFirm with a Body Aesthetic Package. Pure Dermatology, is offering $75 off lip filler all month long. 

Elysian by Em has moved in right next to Perch on #2844 Magazine Street

Earthsavers offering a cute one and done Valentine’s Day package.  

 Event Picks This Weeks: 

Wednesday, Feb. 8 (12-2 p.m.): Porter Lyons Warehouse Sale (tickets required). Up to 75% off fine jewelry.  

Friday, Feb. 10 – Feb. 19: The Chloe will host a pop up of cool, local Mardi Gras accessories and artwork.