Peggy Scott Laborde is the senior producer at WYES TV. Many locals know Laborde as the producer of numerous beloved WYES documentaries about New Orleans’ past. Laborde’s latest documentary, "New Orleans: The First 300 Years," debuted in November 2017. While she continues to be busy putting together her next documentary, Laborde and other producers are working on a WYES project called “Tricentennial Moments.” "Tricentennial Moments" are short, educational videos that focus on various aspects of New Orleans’ 300-year history.

In this podcast, Laborde explains that this collection of videos is a multi-platform project; the videos are broadcast on WYES TV and are also available for viewing online. As part of the project, many New Orleans historic sites and buildings display signage that features QR codes. Visitors and locals can use their smartphones to scan the codes to see and hear the Tricentennial Moments associated with specific historic sites. 

To produce the Tricentennial Moments, WYES collaborated with two generous, cornerstone sponsors: The Historic New Orleans Collection and The Meraux Foundation, while The Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation sponsored the signage. To view Tricentennial Moments, visit and click on the TV link at the top of the page.


Listen to the podcast here.