Y’all. Thank you so much for all of your responses – both in the comments and in touching, heartfelt personal emails to me – to Ruby’s blog last week. 

I am obviously very proud of her, but it was scary to let her put herself out there. Hell, it’s scary enough to:

  1. Put myself out there on the Internet on a regular basis, and
  2. Send my child out into the regular world of normal people who are not faceless, appalling Internet commenters

So, yeah, I hesitated when she asked if I’d let her write a guest post, especially one on something as fraught and rife with the potential for horrific comments as gun control. But as both a parent and a writer, I like to see her channeling her feelings into words, and I wanted to empower her in the face of something pretty scary. I am so glad I did and so grateful for all of the support she received. 

I am grateful, too, to all of you who shared your stories of childhood loss. Having lost my beloved older brother to suicide when I was 7, I understand how much it can shape you and color the rest of your life. It is devastating to think of how many children, just in this city alone, join the sad and lonely survivors’ club on a daily basis, but reading all of your emails reminded me that we all do, as one writer put it, come through it stronger, even if we would happily trade the strength for our loved ones back. 

This is a city that reminds us, continually, of how wonderful and terrible it can be. 

Thank you all so much for being part of the wonderful side.