Young Bloods: Dr. Lana Joseph

At the High Level Speech and Hearing Center, over 25,000 patients received help with their speech and hearing issues in the past three years alone. By treating and diagnosing speech, hearing and dizziness disorders, the center helps people across the city safeguard their health. A conversation with the High Level Speech and Hearing Center’s Founder and CEO Dr. Lana Joseph shows this physician has a personal interest in the hearing health of others.

As a child, Dr. Joseph received speech therapy for speech and hearing issues. “After three months of speech therapy, I experienced a transformation; not just physically, but also emotionally,” says Dr. Joseph. “Following that step to receive treatment and noticing a change in myself, I became determined to help others who face the same issue.”

To fulfill this goal, Dr. Joseph and the High Level Speech and Hearing Center’s team provide many outreach programs in addition to their in-house offerings. For instance, their mobile health services give the staff a way to test for potential hearing issues at daycare centers, schools, businesses and nursing homes. Anyone is invited to schedule the mobile health team to drop by their organization.

Plus, the center provides help for specialized issues as well. Additional treatments offered at the High Level Speech and Hearing Center include fall prevention and therapy, care for balance disorders and dizziness, and even a musician’s clinic designed to keep hearing and vocal chords in top shape.

In addition, Dr. Joseph advocates making hearing health a priority for everybody. “I wish people knew of the importance of having annual tests completed and monitoring your speech and hearing,” says Dr. Joseph. “We always think of our physical health, but ignore signs that we should see a provider that specializes in hearing and speech services.” Keeping up with hearing tests now may even help prevent more problems down the line.

Going forward, Dr. Joseph hopes to bring these hearing, speech and dizziness treatment options to even more communities. “I am exploring the idea of branching out to other cities and possibly other states, where we can offer our services to the communities that may not have access to hearing and speech services,” says Dr. Joseph. Hopefully in the near future, even more people can benefit from the care and treatment from the team at High Level Speech and Hearing Center. 

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