Youngbloods No Days Offline Josh D'arcangelo And Stuart Seiler 001

Sometimes the right idea comes along at just the right time. When Josh D’Arcangelo and Stuart Seiler decided to start a nonprofit benefiting New Orleans, they settled on the idea of providing computers and internet access to students in need throughout the city. Although this technology is easy to take for granted, many people are still left without reliable internet access in New Orleans.

D’Arcangelo and Seiler founded No Days Offline in 2018, received tax exempt status in 2019 and started donating laptops to students just as schools began closing for the coronavirus pandemic. Making tech access available for all students in the city was more important than ever. “This has shined a light on our cause, and we’ve been able to increase donations and get out more laptops,” says D’Arcangelo. The team at No Days Offline was in place and ready to help students with the pandemic shutdown right away.

Although it’s still a new organization, the No Days Offline team has already given away 30 laptops to students at three different organizations: Brothers at Peace, Son of a Saint and Daughters Beyond Incarceration. Anyone who knows a student in need of a laptop is welcome to get in touch with the organization.

Moving forward, D’Arcangelo wants to give out as many laptops as possible to area students, as well as find ways to provide reliable internet access. With many area schools relying on remote education for the months ahead, the mission is more important than ever. Along with the team at  No Days Offline, which includes people from all walks of life throughout the city, D’Arcangelo hopes to close the digital divide that exists in New Orleans today. ✦


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Donations are welcome on the No Days Offline website. Because it’s so important for students to have access to this technology for schoolwork, college prep and job searches, your donation can provide others with the opportunity to succeed. Visit or email for more information.