After meeting at a friend’s birthday party, Baye Tilson and McKensie Kirchner (pictured) had a conversation about taking yoga outside the studio. What if yoga meetups could take place during bachelorette parties or at beer gardens? They decided to host pop-up yoga events throughout New Orleans and founded NOLA Tribe Yoga.

“I think that we love meeting people where they’re at,” says Kirchner. In this city, people tend to be out and about in social settings such as bars and festivals. Now they can opt into a yoga class in these places, too. “We bring a blend of mindfulness and movement into spaces where New Orleanians were already loving and living,” says Kirchner. At this time they offer donation-based sunrise yoga at locations throughout the city, as well as weekly classes at Tchoup Yard. But these yogis might turn up anywhere.

The NOLA Tribe Yoga approach to fitness is unusual and kitschy, as both Tilson and Kirchner explain. Their classes always involve an extra component: For instance, there’s goat yoga at Paradigm Gardens and yoga with kittens at the LASPCA. As they see it, yoga is transformative and amazing, so if it takes kittens, goats or beer to get someone interested, then that’s a worthy investment.

In addition to these fun and free-spirited classes, NOLA Tribe Yoga has also enjoyed success with their bridal and bachelorette party yoga. They host girl tribes who are visiting the city and offer them a different flavor of New Orleans, as well as a break from Bourbon Street. Some visitors reported that the yoga classes were the highlight of their trip, leaving them with a positive impression of the city. Of course, these yoga classes can also include flower crowns and go-cups, so it’s still in the spirit of a party.

At this time, the NOLA Tribe Yoga community is looking for fun, energetic new instructors to join the tribe. Plus, for anyone whose party or event might benefit from some stretching, they also offer corporate and private event lessons. Of course, the best way to experience NOLA Tribe Yoga is to pick an event from their site and show up, ready to experience the city in a totally new way.

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