With the beginning of

a brand new year, we all make plenty of resolutions. Some we’re sure to keep (like hanging out with our friends more) and some we most certainly will not (such as never eating candy again), but choosing a resolution is generally a great way to experiment a bit and convince yourself to try out new things.

In the beauty world we tend to use it as a reason to clean up our makeup routines, experiment with new trends and purge our beauty lives of unhealthy habits (i.e. holding on to mascara for far longer than we should).

So here are a 12 tips on how to start out the new year on the right foot:

1. Banish dry cuticles once and for all. Keep a bottle of natural oil or cuticle oil in a plastic bag (to avoid a mess) in your purse at all times. Apply after washing hands and any time your nails and cuticles look dry.

2. Face oil is an amazing thing; it brightens skin and gives a fantastic glow.

3. Do not forget about hot rollers. Leave the ends out for a less glamorous look and then finish off with a little beach spray for the perfect undone bombshell look.

4. A good microdermabrasion or dermal plane for your face at least once a month. A good, professional exfoliation really does turn around skin cells and makes a huge difference in your skin’s appearance. It is how you get that glowy, dewy skin that everyone wants.

5. Try my favorite moisturizer: La Prairie Cellular Moisturizer SPF 15. It leaves the skin hydrated, and makeup applies perfectly over it. I love it because it doesn’t leave your skin greasy; it leaves your skin feeling just like it should.

6. Change your blush. Yes, it may still look great, but changing or adding a new blush can brighten your face and add flair in a flash.

7. Wash your makeup brushes at least weekly. Clean brushes are not only healthier for your skin, but you’ll also get more of the products’ true color.

8. Learn how to apply a faux lash. Faux lashes are a fun, va-va-voom look, and they always make you a bit more photogenic.

9. Know your best angle. In today’s world everything is photographed, posted and shown. Practice and learn your best angles, and then jump in every photo.

10. Pick one new way to style your hair. Rock a cool leather hair accessory or a fun braided up-do; it’s an easy change from the norm with no commitment.

11. Eat only veggies one day a week. The benefits to your body and skin will be noticeable!

12. The most important tip: Have fun and love yourself; no question the biggest boost to beauty is confidence!