Having worked in health and wellness for 15 years, Erik Frank is attuned to the difficulties that many Americans face when trying to eat well. He decided to make healthy food more convenient for New Orleanians, and after winning the Idea Village’s 2013 Big Idea entrepreneur contest, his organization Your Nutrition Delivered was off and running.

The basic setup for Your Nutrition Delivered is simple: Users can visit the website and pick a meal plan based on nutritional or caloric needs per day. Many plans are available, and most users choose the meals “à la carte.” The meals are then delivered to the users’ home or office. The menu features red beans and brown rice, grilled tandoori chicken and a variety of other dishes. In addition, the company can accommodate dietary needs, such as gluten sensitivities.

Frank said that many people find it tricky to eat a healthy lunch every day, so his five-day workweek special is popular. Corporate wellness is also a big feature for Your Nutrition Delivered, as the organization helps corporations provide solid nutrition for their employees.

Furthermore, Frank notes that most people struggle with four to six meals a week. How many people check the refrigerator for a snack, find nothing and return 15 minutes later hoping a something tasty has magically appeared? Frank wants to ensure that New Orleanians have healthy food readily available at all times.

When celebrities such as Jonah Hill and Jack Black filmed in New Orleans, Your Nutrition Delivered provided their meals. Jack Black’s production company even paid to get the meals overnighted to Atlanta when the actor couldn’t find a reliable substitute.

Your Nutrition Delivered is affiliated with many local hospitals for nutritional awareness in treating high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity. They are also partnered with Touro Oncology to help cancer patients receive proper nutrition.

When asked about his success in launching a health food organization in New Orleans, the city famous for King Cakes and muffulettas, Frank fields the question with a positive response. “New Orleans is the best place to launch Your Nutrition Delivered because if it works here, it will work anywhere,” he says. “What success haven’t we had?”

For more information and to set up your menu, visit YourNutritionDelivered.com or call 952-2665.