How did you become a designer? After graduating with a degree in Microbiology and Chemistry, and while working in the medical field at Tulane Medical School, I enjoyed designing and making my own wardrobe. I had grown up admiring and following the old European Couture Houses as well as the great American designers, and decided to start my own line.

Who were your first clients? I started with private clients who needed gowns for weddings and balls, and I found myself really enjoying creating one-of-a-kind dresses for brides, debutantes and Queens of different Carnival organizations.

What makes your designs unique? For me, creating a gown is a labor of love and I always use fabrics that are natural and pure. You cannot construct a garment in the same way with synthetics.

Do you follow fashion trends? Well, Mardi Gras gowns usually reflect the current styles and incorporate fun fabrics – and often glitter!

How would you describe a typical client? Someone who wants a beautiful gown designed just for her that’s luxurious but not flashy, and at the same time will allow her to make a statement by looking elegant and chic.

Why is this your passion? There is so much creativity in it, you have to reflect the personality and individuality of the woman and make sure it’s perfect for the occasion. Putting the fabric, with color, texture and design into a pattern becomes a work of art; we use a muslin to fit the form for the numerous individual measurements. 

Yvonne Counce Custom Gowns

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