Zulu And Blackface: A Perspective From The Pulpit

Last Sunday an ancient form of communication, a church homily, combined with a technique as modern as a podcast to deliver some sense to a sensitive issue. The homily, by Father Peter Finney III the pastor of St. Rita’s church in Broadmoor, focused on the controversy about blackface as used by the Zulu organization. Finney’s commentary moved the analysis away from pundits, politicians and activists who use the word racist as a bludgeon and brings the conversation into the rarely trodden grounds of history and humanity. We have never linked to a sermon before, leaving the spiritual word to its own altar. We thought this one, however, was especially timely. Please listen to the whole presentation in an uninterrupted setting.

Finney is a native of New Orleans. His grandfather, the later Peter Finney, was a long time sports columnist for The Times-Picayune. His father, Peter Finney, Jr. is the editor and a columnist for the archdiocese’s Clarion Herald newspaper. Another voice now resonates.


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